Flexible data acquisition

Whether automatically using sensors installed in your building, or manually with a handheld terminal, CESMON adapts to your needs.

Data acquisition

CESMON‘s architecture gives you total flexibility to collect your measurements and adapts to your existing infrastructure.

Manual measurements

It is possible to enter information manually or assisted by an industrial handheld terminal.

The operator identifies the measurement points (barcodes) and enters the values that will be immediately checked and validated.

The use of the handheld terminal is an undeniable safety factor during the measurement acquisition phase by preventing transcription errors.

Automatic measurements

In the case of automatic acquisition, the values are sent regularly to CESMON by the monitoring system (XML files).

Once connected to your SCADA software, CESMON archives all the data, making it accessible to all clients on the network.

Your data is centralized and secured

CESMON is based on years of experience in the management of large structures. Its architecture ensures excellent data protection.

CESMON centralizes your measurements

The software is based on a particularly reliable database that allows the information of one or more structures to be stored for many years.

Multi-user and multi-client

After identification, users access all the information through an intranet or a switched telephone network.

Access rights to the various data and features can be customized for each user.

CESMON‘s client/server architecture guarantees users availability and easy access to all information.

To communicate monitoring data, it is possible to export them at the different stages of their analysis. The export can be manual or automated with regular intervals.


CESMON gathers data from several structures at the same time. Each is equipped with a hub that transmits data to the server via the network.

It is possible to easily access the data of each structure from all the menus of the software, or to select a favorite that will appear first.

Fonctionnement de CESMon

All your data in a single glance

CESMON is able to process a large amount of data, giving you the power to analyze the long-term behavior of your structure.

CESMON allows you to analyze your measurements

Once saved, all data can be viewed, modified or exported in a format compatible with current data processing programs..

CESMON allows work to be done directly on the raw data, but most importantly an automatic calculation to obtain consistent data for analysis.

Tables containing the selected data can be created and displayed over user-defined time periods.

Similarly, all values can be displayed as directly printable graphics.

Whatever the data format, CESMON helps you understand, compare, interpret and process all the monitoring information of your installations quickly and safely.